This Week’s Learning

Topic: This week we have been learning about famous kings and queens from the past. We learnt about Queen Elizabeth 1st and Queen Victoria. We used that information to compare them. Then we learnt about diaries and why they are written. Finally, we wrote our own diary as a servant working in a castle.

Maths: This week we have been learning to represent numbers to 50 and learnt how to add ten to a number within 50.

PE: This week we have been learning to create dances using different emotions.

Computing: Online safety.

RE: Who Jesus was to Christians and stories about Jesus from the Bible.

PSHE: Different ways that we learn.

This week, please learn the subtraction facts for the number 7. For spelling, please learn words with the letters ‘ea’ in.

Next Week’s Learning

Topic: Next week we will be focusing on science. We will be learning what materials are and where they might be found in castles. After that, we will be learning the properties of materials and comparing them. Finally, we will be testing the materials.

Maths: We will be adding 10 and taking away 10 from different numbers.

Computing: Online safety.

RE: Why Jesus is important to Christians.

PSHE: Celebrating our achievements.

PE: Athletics and dance.