Reception Blog

Just a few reminders this week.

Please remember to read with your child and write it in the purple book, the children put a marble in the jar when they read at home. We are working towards a reward, the children would like some time in the big playground. Let’s see if we have enough marbles in the jar so that we can go before the Easter Holiday.

Superstar readers read every day!

Parents evening is on Thursday 4th April please use the online booking system to book an appointment. School will close at 1pm on parent consultation day.

The term finishes on Friday 5th April at the usual time of 3.15pm.
Have a lovely 2 weeks off and we  return on Tuesday 23rd April.

Many thanks
Reception Team

This Week’s Learning

This week we have been exploring 3D shapes, we have built models, collected different shapes around the room and been on a shape hunt outside.

Our story has been a Fish who could wish so we have been making lots of wishes and thinking of ways to make our friends happy.

We have had joke telling, silly dances and funny songs.

The best joke was from Daniel; What do cats eat for breakfast? Mice krispies!

Keep encouraging your children to learn something to perform as it builds their confidence to speak in front of a group.

We have been doing the same in PE children were using props such as ribbons and scarves this week to move their bodies in time to the music and children were able to show there skills to their friends.

Sunny and Amelia found different coloured objects to make a rainbow.

What shapes can you find in the courtyard?
It’s a cone!

We have been using the duplo blocks to make different objects. Who is on the telephone?


For homework this week the children have a long strip of paper, please can you encourage your child to have a go at writing numbers up to 20 (and beyond if they can) thank you.

Next Week’s Learning

Next week our story is Barry the fish with fingers. Barry is very kind and helpful towards all of his friends and even comes to the rescue. 
You can find the story on line to listen to together.
In maths we are working on numbers to 20, we will be ordering, solving problems and saying which number is one more or one less.
During PE and outside we will be making obstacle courses for the children to explore, climbing up, under, through and over.

Star of the Week

Our Star of the week this week is Daisy, for her wonderful explanation of a lifecycle of a butterfly and the fabulous drawing to show how a caterpillar changes.