Reception 5/4/19

Have a fabulous break everyone! The children have worked really hard this term and have made great progress.

Keep reading at home, enjoy lots of lovely conversations and think about some problem solving to get the children thinking.

We return to school on Tuesday 23rd April.

Our topic is People who help us and on Tuesday 30th April the children can come to school with an item related to a job connected to people who help us.


Police hat, doctors bag, medical kit, a pet for a vet, fire hose or a book related to their chosen profession.

Children will still need to wear their uniform on this day

Happy Easter

Reception Team

This week’s learning

This week has been very busy, we have been writing our own adventures, so we have been up mountains, all the way to Africa and Miss Maxey even went for a swim with sharks!

In maths the children have been fantastic at learning new concepts such as doubling and halving. They have been having a go at sharing and gaining an understanding that if we divide objects into groups all the groups need to have the same amount. We also had a go at counting in 2’s.

Today we released our butterflies into the garden, it was a bit chilly and they were reluctant to go but flew away eventually.

Fly butterflies fly!
We have been making fairy gardens outside.
Can you spot the butterflies?  They are very well camouflaged!

“When you share you have to say one for me and one for you”
“We both have the same”

Next Week’s Learning

After the holidays we will be covering 2 topics, People who help us and then moving onto Superheroes for the second part of the half term.

For topic in our first week we are focussing on Emergency services and how they help us. We have set up a hospital and will be thinking about who comes to rescue us if we have an accident or if we are poorly.

In maths we are beginning to problem solve and talk about how we know how to work things out. We are now working with numbers to 20 and beyond.