This Week’s Learning

Topic: This week we have been finding out where the 7 continents of the world are and labelling them on a map. Then we found hot and cold countries and where different animals might live. Finally, we read Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, retold the story and then gathered vocabulary from the story to write a setting description next week. As part of science week, we have learnt about camouflaging.

Maths: This week we have recapped how to add and subtract within 20.

PE: We had a great skipping workshop ad learnt 3 new styles. We have been practising this in the playground and break and lunchtime. We have also had a games lesson focused on working as a team to move a ball around a space.

Computing: How to log on to a Chrome Book and why we might need to save a document. We then considered how this work belongs to us.

PSHE: We have been learning that part of a healthy lifestyle is staying clean. We have learnt how to properly wash our hands and practised this.

This Week’s Learning

Topic: This week we have learnt the features of an information text and created an information poster on rhinos. After that, we planned and wrote an information report on tigers. As part of book week, we read Six Dinner Sid and created a ‘wanted’ poster to help find Sid after he went missing.

Maths: We have been learning to weigh items and compare them using lighter and heavier.

Computing: We learnt how to log on to computers and the importance of passwords.

PE: Games and gymnastics.

RE: We have learnt about Christians and why they go to church.

PSHE: healthy and unhealthy choices.

This Week’s Learning

Topic: We have had a great week doing lots of science linked to our new topic ‘Carnival of the Animals’. We have made animal masks and learnt to identify a range of common animals using pictures and clues. We have grouped animals by where they live and their features. Finally, we grouped animals into fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, herbivores,carnivores and omnivores.

Maths: This week we have learnt about length and height. We have compared how long, small, tall and short things are and used standard measurements (cm) and non-standard measurements ( cubes, hand spans and shoes) to measure a range of items.

PE: Gymnastics and Games

PSHE: this week we have had a special assembly on deaf awareness and learnt some sign language.

RE: Special places for Christians.

This Week’s Learning

Topic: This week we have been reading George and the Dragon. We started by listening to and retelling the story. After that, we gathered vocabulary to describe the setting and talked about the words that we liked and why. Next we planned out stories and retold them to our friends. Finally, we wrote the story.

Maths: This week we added and subtracted 1 and 10 from numbers within 50.

RE: Stories in the Bible.

PSHE: Successes we have had.

Computing: Online Safety.

PE: In dance we looked at how to create a dance using gestures and body language of characters from Snow White. In athletics, we looked at how to jump in different ways.

This Week’s Learning

Topic: This week we have enjoyed learning a lot of science. We started by naming materials found in castles and describing their properties. After that, we compared the properties of the materials using hard/soft, shiny/dull and smooth/bumpy. Finally, we completed an experiment to find the best material to protect Humpty Dumpty from cracking when he fell on the floor. We predicted what we thought would happen and then dropped eggs on plastic, metal, fabric, sand and stone.

Maths. This week we have added and taken away ten from a number.

RE: We have learnt stories about Jesus from the Bible.

PSHE: We have learnt to explain how we feel when we are facing challenges and new situations.

Computing: Online safety.

This Week’s Learning

Topic: This week we have been learning about famous kings and queens from the past. We learnt about Queen Elizabeth 1st and Queen Victoria. We used that information to compare them. Then we learnt about diaries and why they are written. Finally, we wrote our own diary as a servant working in a castle.

Maths: This week we have been learning to represent numbers to 50 and learnt how to add ten to a number within 50.

PE: This week we have been learning to create dances using different emotions.

Computing: Online safety.

RE: Who Jesus was to Christians and stories about Jesus from the Bible.

PSHE: Different ways that we learn.